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Vurt – Free Typeface

VURT IS A FREE Mac and PC typeface inspired by the great book with with the same name by author Jeff Noon. Free to download and use.

The font Vurt

Download for free


Download Vurt True Type, PC


Download Vurt Open Type, PC & Mac

Works done with Vurt

Since it’s release in 1995 I only came across Vurt a couple of times. A reggae poster in a Stockholm suburb and this, a soft drink company that usesd Vurt for their logo. Nice cola. This company actually had this product sol over the globe and had a massive marketing campaign with, among othe things, a gigant hot air baloon, flying over cities. Nice cola, written in 8 m (26 feet) tall letters. Yeah!

So please, if you use Vurt

Work with it for a while. It needs love to do a good job. Use all the swashes and stuff. When you’re done send me a picture or anything with your work just for fun. It’s always fun to know where your babies are.

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